Legal High (Cantonese) – Law界狂人

Woman of 9.9 Billion (English subtitles) - 99억의 여자
Love in Trouble (Cantonese) - 奇怪的拍檔
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Description: This drama is remake of 2012 Fuji TV drama series “Legal High” which is starring by Masato Sakai and Yui Aragaki.

It’s about a caustic, money-loving lawyer who will do anything to win, and a passionate rookie lawyer with a strong sense of justice.

Go Tae Rim (Jin Goo)is a lawyer. He is arrogant and makes biting remarks, but he has a 100%winning rate. He can’t even imagine ever losing a case and winning cases is the most important thing to him. His attorney’s fee is obscenely high. Meanwhile, Seo Jae In (Seo Eun Soo)is a passionate rookie lawyer. She wants to help clients trapped in unfair situations. However, he realizes that lawyers who do not win cases are useless and she then decides to work with Go Tae Rim.

Production company(s):jTBC
Director:Kim Jung Hyun
Cast:Jin Goo, Seo Eun Soo, Yoon Park, Chae Jung Ahn, Jung Sang Hoon, Moon Ye Won

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