HK Drama

HK Drama

Veteran Child: Romance of the Three Kingdoms – 小戲骨:三國之反董卓聯盟

Supergirl Season 4 – 女超人4

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber (Cantonese) – 倚天屠龍記

Forensic Heroes – 法證先鋒

Weeds on Fire (Cantonese) – 點五步

ICAC Investigators 2019 – 廉政行動2019

Veteran Child: Justice Bao – 小戲骨: 包青天怒鍘陳世美

The Defected – 鐵探

Family Squad – 卡拉屋企

Down Memory Lane – 萬里長情

The Shell Game 2 – 千王群英會

The Insurmountable Pair Of Swords – 白骨陰陽劍

The Battlefield – 楚河漢界

The Brave Young Ones – 男子漢

The Shell Game – 千王之王

Hero Without Tears – 英雄無淚

Beware of Your Bosom Buddies – 碧血洗银枪

Heroic Legend of the Yang’s Family – 碧血青天楊家將

Family Man – 絕世好爸

Don Juan DeMercado – 情人眼裏高一D

In The Realm Of Success – 公私戀事多

Queens Of Diamonds And Hearts – 東西宮略

The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady – 福爾摩師奶

Empress of China (Cantonese) – 武則天

Scavenger’s Paradise – 同撈同煲

The Final Verdict – 誓不低頭

A Smiling Ghost Story – 衝上人間

Two Of A Kind – 淘氣雙子星

Life for Life – 命轉情真

Unnatural Born Killer – 十三密殺令

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