HK Drama

HK Drama

The Threat Of Love II – LOVING YOU 我愛你2

Before Dawn – 愛在暴風的日子

The Threat of Love – Loving You 我愛你

Web of Love – 網上有情人

A Kindred Spirit – 真情

Simply Ordinary – 林世榮

Swipe Tap Love – 愛我請留言

The Legend Of Master Chai – 濟公

Guardian Angel (TVB Version) – 守護神之保險調查

Stained – 心冤

Glittering Days – 東方之珠

Let’s Face It – 無考不成冤家

The Legend of Hao Lan (Cantonese) – 皓鑭傳

Happy Ever After – 金玉滿堂

A Taste of Bachelorhood – 鑽石王老五

Guardian Angel – 守護神之保險調查 (Mainland Version)

Mutual Affection – 河東獅吼

The Fallen Family – 武林世家

Side Beat – 吾係差人

A Good Match from Heaven – 天降奇緣

OL Supreme – 女王辦公室

The Return of Mischievous Lots II – 扭計雙星第二輯

The Return of Mischievous Lots I – 扭計雙星

Turn Around and Die – 英雄故事

Next Year – Next Kin – 愛情全盒

I Bet Your Pardon – 荷里活有個大老千

Young Charioteers – 衝線

Steps – 舞動全城

The Art of Being Together – 偷心大少

My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover – 倩女喜相逢

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