A Journey Of Happiness – 玩轉全家福

Hotel Soul Good - 女皇撞到正
Games Gamblers Play 1974 - 鬼馬雙星
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Description: The Siew family consists of father Siew Fatt (Lo Hoi-pang), who is depressed after his wife passed away, eldest son Siew Beng (Jerry Lamb), a property agent; only daughter Siew Shen (Joyce Cheng), a loud optimistic tour guide; and youngest son Siew Lup (Alex Lam), a social media influencer wannabe. Siew Shen decides to takes her family on a trip to Malaysia, hoping to fix the family’s strained relationship. Along the journey, they encounter many people, endless catastrophes and fun surprises. How will their journey end?

Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 2018
Director: JY Teng
Cast: Joyce Cheng, Lo Hoi-pang, Alex Lam, Jerry Lamb, Ah Niu, Lin Min-Chen

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