A Home with a View – 家和萬事驚

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Description: In order to preserve the value of his assets, the Lo family patriarch (Francis Ng) spent all of his savings and his father’s retirements pensions to purchase an old-age flat in the middle of a noisy neighborhood, cohabiting with his neurotic wife (Anita Yuen), unemployed son (Ng Siu-hin), daughter (Jocelyn Choi) who is going through puberty and his elderly, disabled father (Cheung Tat-ming). With tight living quarters, noisy neighbors, and less than desirable living standards, the Lo family often find themselves at each other’s necks over the smallest of inconveniences. Luckily, through a window in the living room lies a distant view of the beautiful ocean which prevents the household from going insane. However, one day, the ocean view disappears after a billboard is illegally built on a neighboring building. With their only sense of relief in the crowded city gone, the Lo family begin to quarrel nonstop. In order to regain the peace within the household, the Lo family does everything in their power to remove the billboard and its owner (Louis Koo).

Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 2019
Director: Herman Yau
Cast: Francis Ng, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen, Cheung Tat-ming, Lam Suet

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