The Love By Hypnotic (Mandarin) – 明月照我心

The Gravity Of A Rainbow (Mandarin) - 彩虹的重力
No Secrets (Mandarin) - 没有秘密的你
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Description: A princess and a prince who can’t see eye to eye find themselves stuck in an arranged marriage. Yet they start opening up to each other because of hypnosis.

Li Ming Yue, a princess, and Li Qian, a prince, are forced to marry each other due to royal obligations. When she triggers memories from his past through the use of hypnosis, Li Qian starts to accept his wife knowing that she can help him regain his memories.


A.K.A:Ming Yue Zhao Wo Xin / Ming Yue Shines on My Heart
Times:36 Episodes
Release Date:14 October 2019







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