Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation – 번외수사 (English subtitles)

Dinner Mate - 저녁 같이 드실래요 (English subtitles)
Sweet Munchies - 야식남녀 (English subtitles)
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Description: This drama is about a dogged police detective, an enthusiastic PD of a TV investigative show, a former criminal profiler, a legendary fighter, and a former ace pathologist team-up to solve cold cases.
A.K.A:Further Investigation
Times:12 Episodes
Release Date:23 May 2020
Production company(s):OCN
Director:Kang Hyo Jin
Cast:Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Sun Bin, Jung Sang Hoon, Yoon Kyung Ho, Ji Seung Hyun

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