Safe Guards – 鐵血保鏢

You're Hired - 絕代商驕
Ip Man - 葉問

Description: The story revolves around the Wui Yau Safeguard Agency (會友鏢局), which is the most prominent safeguard and escort agency in Hangzhou. However, the agency was discovered to be close to bankruptcy, due to financial mismanagement. Together with his four sons, the patriarch of the family, Sheung Ching-Tong (Samuel Kwok) must, along with other allies and confidantes, rebuild the agency and save it from near certain death.

The series consists of 25 episodes and centers around the character – Sheung Chi who is the third son of Sheung Ching Tong.

The series starts off with Sheung Chi having to go to the help of his elder brother – Sheung Chung and their tumultuous relationship. This relationship was severely strained when Sheung Ching Tong had to decide on who will succeed him as the master of the agency.

Sheung Ching Tong’s indecisiveness by first appointing Sheung Chung and then deciding against it and then to appoint Sheung Hao and then deciding against it too, resulted in a myriad of crisis in the agency which Sheung Chi had to face and manage. That Sheung Chi was the adopted son unlike Sheung Chung and Sheung Hao who are the natural sons of Sheung Ching Tong, made Sheung Chi’s actions more questionable and difficult.

In the end, after much turmoil, Sheung Ching Tong appointed Sheung Chi as the master of the agency. Surprisingly, Sheung Chung supported the appointment but this is after having accepted that Sheung Chi will make a better leader than he would.

This took up almost 2/3 of the series and towards the end – episode 20/21, the character of Sheung Yi was introduced. Having spent his youth overseas, Sheung Yi came back when the father (Sheung Ching Tong) died. He then told Sheung Chi that with the modernisation i.e. building of railroads etc. the agency’s method of delivering goods on land will be a thing of the past. Sheung Chi on hearing this decided to embark, together with his brothers Sheung Chung and Sheung Yi, on acquiring the rights to deliver goods via river. This formed the last part of the story.

The sub-plots in the series involved the relationship of Sheung Chi with Lei Cheung-Fung (Elaine Yiu) and how Sheung Hao (together with his mother and uncle) tried to destroy everything that Sheung Chi tried to achieve.

While the storyline is very light, it does have its dark and serious moments including the death of 3 main characters.

外強中乾 「會友鏢局」是杭州第一鏢局,全賴尚正堂(郭鋒飾)刻意揚名立萬的成果。自從,正堂繼承父業後,憑著他八面玲瓏的手腕,令鏢局生意愈做愈大,走鏢的路線貫通東西南北。他更為自己捐官,當他欲把當官一事大肆宣揚,設宴款待官、商、賊三路朋友,卻發現帳房沒有金錢,原來鏢局中人不是借錢未還,便是託鏢後不付賬,終令鏢局入不敷支,正堂大為震怒,遂命三子尚智(馬浚偉飾)追債。智帶同火樣紅(麥長青飾)全力向鏢局上下追債,頓時引起騷動,對智極不滿,當中欠債最巨的便是尚忠(黎耀祥飾)。忠自恃是長子不肯還錢,加上智只是養子,從不視智為兄弟,這次追債,更令忠視智為眼中釘。

大掌櫃之爭 正堂年事己高,由誰繼承鏢局大掌櫃之位?長子尚忠及正放洋留學英國的四子尚義(黎諾懿飾)是元配鄭秀萍(雪妮飾)所生,次子尚孝(黃智賢飾)是妾侍裘麗裳(陳曼娜飾)所生,三子尚智則是養子。忠本是長子謫孫,順理成章繼任大掌櫃,但忠為人莽撞,常惹下劫鏢事件。孝與火樣紅妻子曾艷娥(朱婉儀飾)有染。兒子一個又一個的犯下彌天大罪,正堂惟考慮把大掌櫃之位傳給智,此舉令鏢局上下大為震動。

倒閉危機 智要改革鏢局,又惹眾人非議,唯獨利祥鳳(姚子羚飾)一直支持著智。尚正堂死後,眾人乘機反對智,而尚正鵬(劉江飾)更提議分家,智陷入進退失據的困局。此時,尚義回國,智欲借助義的力量,挽救鏢局。不過,曾留學外國的義,對鏢局生意有另一番見解,他認識到時代漸變,鏢局生意會沒落,漕運將會取而代之。義的真知灼見,令智等茅塞頓開,於是,智決定發展漕運。但此際的清政府,國庫空虛,尚家要獲准發展漕運,必須以龐大的財力,才可得到經營權。智面對財務困難,正鵬分家,令鏢局處於倒閉邊緣。智如何挽救會友鏢局呢?
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 25 Episodes
Release Date: 2006
Cast: Steven Ma, Elaine Yiu, Wayne Lai
Genre: Costume Drama

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