My Wonderful Life – 찬란한 내 인생 (English subtitles)

My Wonderful Life - 찬란한 내 인생 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Miss Lee (Cantonese) - 清日電子李小姐
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Description: This drama deals with the adversity overcoming of a new life as a young mother who has lived a hard life becomes a daughter of a chaebol. It is astory that happens when a young mother, who has lived in defiance with all her bad luck, becomes a chaebol daughter in the morning. It seems tobe a drama that looks back on life and family.

A.K.A:My Glorious Life / My Perfect Life
Genre:TV Series
Times:120 Episodes
Release Date:29 June 2020
Production company(s):MBC
Director:Kim Yong Min
Cast:Choi Sung Jae, Shim Yi Young, Jin Ye Sol, Won Ki Joon, Han So Young

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