Men on the Dragon – 逆流大叔

Midnight Melody 2019 (Cantonese subtitles) - 夜伴歌声
Hotel Soul Good - 女皇撞到正
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Description: A group of four telecommunications employees at Pegasus Broadband, headlined by Francis Ng in his most charming role in recent memory, begrudgingly join the company dragon boat team hoping such a pledge of loyalty will keep them immune from encroaching layoffs. Under the tutelage of the pretty young no-nonsense coach, Dorothy (Jennifer Yu) they learn not just how to really race, but also to confront their own impending mid-life crises. From nagging families and infidelity to unrequited love and elusive Andy Lau concert tickets, myriad demons are exorcised as our bungling protagonists overcome the odds and take charge in this life-affirming comedy-drama.

Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 2018
Director: Sunny Chan
Cast: Francis Ng, Poon Chan-Leung, Tak-bun Wong, Jennifer Yu, Nancy Wu, Jacqueline Chong, Sham Ka-Ki, Tony Tsz-Tung, Wu Tinyee, Wong Ryan, Lau Ng, Fung Ming

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