Master of Play – 心戰

The Gem of Life - 珠光寶氣
Grace Under Fire - 女拳

Description: Stage play actor KAN SIU NAM (Adam Cheng) went through a huge personality change after his daughter went missing for several years andends up divorcing his wife MOK LAI HING (Rebecca Chan). Since then, SIUNAM concentrated entirely on his theater acting job. Due to his role asa murderer in one of the plays, he was drawn into a strange serial killer case and accidentally meets his colleague LEE CHOR KIU’s (Maggie Siu) boyfriend JEUNG SAI YIN (Moses Chan) and his sister JEUNG SAI TING (Aimee Chan). During their interactions, SIU NAM noticed YIN was very similar to the serial killer suspect and had an abnormal feeling towardsTING. The relationship of the four individuals seem controversial. WhenSIU NAM wanted to clarify the truth to the serial killer case, he realizes he’s getting further and further away from the truth. His senseof conceivability gets even more shuddering and disappointing…

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 30 Episodes
Release Date: 2012
Cast: Adam Cheng, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu, Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan, Rebecca Chan, Rachel Kan, Ram Chiang, Lau Dan

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