Ji Dang (Mandarin) – 激荡

Ji Dang (Mandarin) - 激荡 - Episode 01
On The Road (Mandarin) - 在远方
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Description: During the 1990’s, the Lu siblings grew up together in a Shanghai longtang. This is a story that spans over 20 years and follows how they came from nothing, yet made something out of themselves at a time when the Shanghai economy and capital markets were turbulent and unpredictable. Lu Jiangtao (Ren Zhong) began to lose himself as he gained wealth. His sense of adaptability in an increasingly pragmatic society opens many doors for him, but his indifference towards crossing lines sets him on a destructive path. His lover and younger sister become tools that he uses for his own purposes and riches brought them nothing but despair. As the eldest brother, Lu Haibo (Guo Xiaodong) always had a strong moral compass. He values his family, having good faith and business ethics. In the cutthroat world of business, the siblings learn to overcome their differences to achieve success.


46 Episodes
22 September 2019



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