Hot Blooded Youth (Mandarin) – 热血少年

Insects Awaken (Mandarin) - 谍战深海之惊蛰
The Glorious Era (Mandarin) - 光荣时代
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Description: A legendary story about a young man who overcomes many hardships to become a formidable force in the Shanghai Bund.Xiong Tian grew up in the streets. With nothing to his name, he works a thankless job just to make a living. Nonetheless, he is quick-witted, talented and

A.K.A:Re Xie Shao Nian / 租界少年热血档案 / Zu Jie Shao Nian Re Xie Dang An / The Files of Teenagers in the Concession
Times:58 Episodes
Release Date:22 October 2019



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